Beer of the Week – 19 June – Check out some of the best deals in Cider and Beer!

The sun is out and it’s been a fantastic weekend but the good news doesn’t stop there. We have some great deals this week in beer and cider.

Seeing as the weather is so good we decided to throw in a few extra cider deals, so hopefully you get a chance to relax in the garden this evening with a nice cold beer or cider. Enjoy!


Wine of the Week Cepas Privadas Sauv Blanc

Druids Cider 8 x 500ml Cans

Was: €14.29           Now: €10

Wine of the Week Castellani Arbos

Budweiser 20 x 300ml Bottles

Was: €22.99           Now: €16


Carlsberg 20 x 300ml Bottles

Was: €24.99           Now: €16

Wine of the Week Brancott Sauv Blanc

Coors Light 20 x 330ml Bottles

Was: €26.99           Now: €20

Isla Negra Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Molson Canadian 12 x 330ml Bottles

Was: €15.99           Now: €12

santa rita sauvignon blanc Wine

Orchard Thieves 12 x 330ml Bottles

Was: €19.99           Now: €15

Wine of the Week Luis Felipe Sauv Blanc

Miller 20 x 300ml Bottles

Was: €23.00           Now: €17.00

Canadian Molson 8 Cans Beer

Bulmers Original 8 x 500ml Cans

Was: €16.49           Now: €11

Bulmers 12 Pack Can
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Cobra 12 x 330ml Bottles

Was: €19.99           Now: €13.99

Cobra 12 Bottles
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Bulmers Light - 20 x 300ml Bottles

Was: €23.99           Now: €19.99