Spirit of the Week – 25th April

We have some great spirit deals ahead of the bank holiday weekend! Take a quick look at what bargains are out there right now!

All you have to do is stop off at your local SuperValu, Carry Out, Tesco or Dunnes. Fantastic offers in Gin, Rum, Whiskey and Vodka! Just swipe through the spirit selection below.

Cobra 12 Bottles
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Paddy 700ml Bottle

Was: €27.99           Now: €23.99

Bulmers 12 Pack Can
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Gordons 700ml Bottle

Was: €24.99           Now: €21.99

Wine of the Week Cepas Privadas Sauv Blanc

Kilbeggan 700ml Bottle

Was: €29.99          Now: €21

Wine of the Week Castellani Arbos

Bacardi 700ml Bottle

Was: €27.49           Now: €19

santa rita sauvignon blanc Wine

Captain Morgan's White 700ml Bottle

Was: €26.39           Now: €22

Isla Negra Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Smirnoff Original 700ml Bottle

Was: €24.59           Now: €20

Wine of the Week Barefoot Merlot

Teachers 700ml Bottle

Was: €24.70           Now: €22

Wine of the Week Luis Felipe Sauv Blanc

Huzzar 700ml Bottle

Was: €22.49           Now: €19

Wine of the Week Brancott Sauv Blanc

Finlandia 700ml Bottle

Was: €27.49          Now: €21


Cork Dry Gin 700ml Bottle

Was: €25.79           Now: €20